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Best places that you have to see in Switzerland

Setting up a tour around Switzerland in Europe is not a very easy task, the country has so many wonderful places, it is very difficult to ch...

Setting up a tour around Switzerland in Europe is not a very easy task, the country has so many wonderful places, it is very difficult to choose which ones to visit. 

Switzerland was one of the most beautiful places I have visited in my life. Unfortunately, I only visited the cities of Lucerne and Zurich, but I am dying to return. So I invited my friend Fernanda Diniz from the blog Viagens de Mãe, who lived in Switzerland for several years to write this guest post, with tips on this wonderful country. I hope you like Fernanda's tips, because I loved it !!!

5 Places That Should Be On Your Roadmap

Switzerland is a small country, but full of attractions. When it comes to natural beauty, I know of no place in the world that has so many beautiful places to visit: lakes, mountains, parks… it is not a tropical country but it is, without a doubt, “blessed by God and beautiful by nature!”

I had the opportunity to live in the French part of Switzerland for 4 years and, believe me, I didn't know everything about the beauty that this country has to offer. But during that time, I had the chance to visit many of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. And, some of them, I consider unmissable for those who plan to visit Switzerland.

I selected 5 tours that deserve to be included in your itinerary, my darlings. A mix of cities and attractions that combine mountain, lakes and history. A way for you to see a little bit of everything that Switzerland has to offer.

1st Zermatt and the Matterhorn mountain

Zermatt is a beautiful city that will offer you a unique experience: discover a city where cars are not allowed and visit one of the most famous mountains in the world , the Matterhorn.

To reach Zermatt, if you are driving, you will have to park in the city of Täsh, which is the nearest city and, from there, take a train to Zermatt. If you are traveling by train, even easier. Once in the city, be sure to walk through the historic center and see the wooden houses that are more than 500 years old.

If the day is beautiful, from there you will see the Matterhorn. But I recommend going up one of the mountains to see it even more up close and have cinematic photos.

The Gornergrat was the mountain that we climbed, as it is more recommended to go with children. However, Matterhorn Glacier Paradise is the most famous, even though it is the most expensive. The climb, which costs 100 Swiss francs, takes you to the top of the highest cable car station in Europe. From there, through a platform, you have a privileged view of the Matterhorn.

Another attraction of Glacier Paradise is an ice palace. And in the summer, you can float your way through the snow. Fun guaranteed for any age.

2nd Blausee Lake

Switzerland has countless lakes scattered across the country, each with its extension, beauty and particularity. But the most beautiful and most impressive is certainly the Blausee - which means Lago Azul. The lake has this name because it is really a blue lake. Film setting that cannot be left out of your script.

The Blausee is in the region Kandersteg and you can get there both by car and public transport. The lake is within a park with picnic facilities, a children's playground and a restaurant.

Entrance costs 8 Swiss francs per person from March to November. Between November and March, admission is free.

The Blausee has its peak in the summer and it is possible to combine this visit with another beautiful lake that is nearby, the Oeschinensee. We visited Blausee and Oeschinensee in one day and it is a tour that I recommend. 

3rd Gruyère

Is it a movie set that you want when visiting Switzerland? Then include Gruyère to complete this cinematic script.

Just 35 minutes from Bern or 25 minutes from Vevey, Gruyère is a medieval town located in an alpine region. Really movie set, perfect for the most varied photos (I took many of my pregnant photos there).

The city is home to an extremely preserved medieval castle and super charming restaurants. My favorite was Le Chalet, a place that makes the best fondue I've ever eaten.

Tips: The visit to the castle costs 10 Swiss francs per person and lasts about 1 hour. If it is summer, be sure to stroll through the castle gardens. To eat at Le Chalet, book first. The restaurant is very busy and is always crowded.

Before arriving in the city, pass by the Maison du Guyère, a Guyére cheese factory that shows you how the most delicious cheese in life is made. During the visit, you are given three different types of cheese to taste. If you have time, extend your tour to the city of Broc and visit Nestlé's Cailler chocolate factory.

4th Bern: the capital of Switzerland

A lot of people don't know, but Bern is the capital of Switzerland, not Zurich. Bern, in addition to being an incredible city, is an excellent base option for your trip through Switzerland. Its central location allows you to move from there to the main attractions of the country without having to travel long distances.

Among Bern's main attractions are the Bear Park, the Rosengarten and the Einstein Museum. But nothing compares to the historic center, which is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Place to appreciate striking architecture, visit the famous clock tower (Zytglogge) and also pass by several sources of drinking water that adorn the streets (there are more than 100 scattered throughout the city, 11 of which are still from the Middle Ages).

5th Vevey

And of course, at last, I would pull sardines to the city where I had the privilege of living for 4 years. Vevey is in the French part of Switzerland and even looks like a charming city. On the shores of Lake Léman, the city has incredible views of mountains and a perfect bucolic setting to rest your mind.

And I'm not the only one who lived there. Charles Chaplin also spent the last years of his life there, in Corsier-sur-Vevey (uptown). One of the attractions for anyone visiting Vevey is exactly the house where he lived. Located in a privileged place, the house was transformed into a museum that tells the story of the artist.

On the banks of Léman, a statue in honor of Chaplin right in front of another icon of the city: the sculpture of a fork stuck in the water , homage by the artist Jean-Pierre Zaugg for the 10th anniversary of the Food Museum, another attraction of the city ​​also located on the banks of Léman.

Curiosity: the fork was placed in the lake in 1995 for the commemoration of the Museum's 10 years, but was subsequently removed. The following year, the population voted to return the fork and it became a symbol of the city.

There is no one who visits Vevey and does not want a photo there. From traditional to more creative, the fork has even been the subject of a photography contest promoted by the Museum.

Strolling along the lake, walking along the streets of the historic center and visiting the Chaplin Museum make Vevey a very interesting stopover on your trip through Switzerland. Stretch your tour to Montreux, a city famous for its null Jazz festival and one of the most visited in the French part of Switzerland.