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6 reasons to visit Iceland

  The best reasons to visit Iceland! Iceland is a country with a lot of charm and many people think it is a great country to travel to. Not ...


The best reasons to visit Iceland!

Iceland is a country with a lot of charm and many people think it is a great country to travel to. Not convinced yet? Read through the best reasons we could think of to visit Iceland:

1. It's actually not that far away

If you book a direct flight to Reykjavik, the journey only takes a good 3 hours. You can get really cheap tickets, especially if you plan something in advance and don't choose the main travel time.

Think about it, in 3 hours you can be right in the middle and experience the beauty of Iceland's nature, a land full of new landscapes, sounds, smells and impressions, up close!

2. Everyone should spend some time in Reykjavik

The sea voyage around  Iceland  has little to do with the capital. So consider spending some time in Reykjavik before or after your trip. The capital has only 200,000 inhabitants, which is roughly two-thirds of the total population, but don't be fooled. Reykjavik is one of the most interesting places in the world in terms of culture and events, and the city is also very clean and safe!

3. Icelandic horses are perfect animals

Icelandic horses are very small and an old breed - they have hardly changed since the Vikings brought them to Iceland in the 9th century. They are good navigators in the often difficult Icelandic terrain and they are also very friendly. If you meet someone, they will want to greet you and look forward to being caressed. If you love animals, don't miss out  on a visit to the home of the  Icelandic horses . You may also have the chance to ride one and try out 5th gear (somewhere between walk and trot) of the animals, also known as tölt.

4. The Blue Lagoon - says it all

Half an hour from Reykjavik is the  Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa. Naturally heated water in deep blue tones is located in the middle of a lava field and promises a lot of fun. You have the option of being pampered with massages or other wellness treatments, but you can also enjoy the warm water all the time. There are a number of great experiences there, so you can just go into the water or book food, drinks and luxury treatments as well.

5. You cannot imagine how beautiful the landscape is

Unless you've been to Iceland before, it's actually impossible to imagine what it would be like there. From volcanic landscapes to fjords and mystical stretches of land that sometimes seem like a different world, Iceland offers a landscape unmatched anywhere else. You will not be surprised how present and lively the legends about elves and trolls are in modern Iceland - it is like a fairytale setting or even more fantastic.

When traveling to Iceland make sure you have your camera with you. There are photo opportunities that you will never see again.

6. The Northern Lights

If you visit Iceland in winter, you have a great chance   of seeing the Northern Lights . You can take a trip and chase the lights or just spend some time on deck under a clear sky to observe the beauty and magnificence of this phenomenon - a goal in life for some. The landscape of Iceland is like from another world and the northern lights turn it into a fantasy novel.

One of the best ways to discover Iceland is by boat, especially as you visit places that are inaccessible from the land side. Make sure that this unique trip is as perfect as possible. Do your research, plan and get excited about all the wonders of Iceland.