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Travel trends 2021: The best travel destinations

Travel trends 2021: We introduce you to the top destinations The wanderlust is great, as is the desire to travel! Time to leave the crazy 20...

Travel trends 2021: We introduce you to the top destinations

The wanderlust is great, as is the desire to travel! Time to leave the crazy 2020 behind and take a look at the coming one instead. The holiday pirates' travel experts know every corner of the world because they have traveled to over 150 countries . Based on observations of the market, a focus on seclusion and their own experiences, they present the travel trends for 2021 - a list full of insider tips with potential for top destinations, first-hand.

You should have these 10 travel destinations on your radar next year

1. Pantelleria - the black pearl of the Mediterranean

Located between Tunisia and Italy , the volcanic island captivates with its raw beauty. Although it has no beaches, it has a special charm with its barren landscape and dark stones . The traditional stone houses - Damusi - can also be booked directly as accommodation. The Scauri district on the south coast is particularly popular- even Madonna, Sting and Giorgio Armani regularly spend their summers here away from the paparazzi. Capers, mustazzoli and couscous - in Pantelleria, Arabic meets Italian cuisine. Capers are grown and harvested on the island and are an indispensable part of any dish. Mustazzoli are elaborately baked biscuits made from honey and almonds and are characteristic of the island. Tourists should definitely try local couscous dishes - often served with fish, they are a culinary delight.

2. Cyclades - more than Santorini and Mykonos

Granted, Santorini and Mykonos are beautiful. However, they are also often overrun with tourists from all over the world who are hunting the classic Instagram motifs for their own photo album. But the Cyclades can do much more than that! The group comprises a total of 56 islands - from small to large. Many islands are more original and still real insider tips! Most do not have their own airport and can only be reached by ferry - which sounds like a hurdle, but travelers are rewarded with an uncrowded Greece . Especially the island of Parosconvinces with the authentic charm, empty beaches and inexpensive accommodations that make the heart beat faster! White houses, narrow streets, small boutiques and colorful flowers as far as the eye can see. Walks through the villages of Paros are an absolute must! Due to the low prices for accommodation, this island is also perfect for a longer stay such as remote work. Would you like to go to the beach and swim during your lunch break? No problem! Go on a weekend trip to the other island of Milos and discover the turquoise bays? Of course! Residing on the little sister island of Antiparos in summer like Tom Hanks? Sure, of course!

3. Basque Country - the Mecca for every gourmet

The Basque Country is a region in northern Spain and is best known for its unique culture and language . The wild, rugged landscape also served as a filming location for the successful series “Game of Thrones” . The real highlight, however, is the local cuisine, which is composed of Spanish and French cuisine and is a place of pilgrimage for all foodies. Fish and seafood lovers in particular will find what they are looking for in the Basque Country. In San Sebastián, the pintxos are a way of life, small gourmet snacks and the Basque version of Spanish tapas, and are part of the local lifestyle. The region is ideal for slow travelsuitable and offers deceleration from stressful everyday life.

While many long-haul destinations no longer let tourists into the country, it looks very different in Barbados! The island in the eastern Caribbean has come up with a profound security concept to enable travelers to have an optimal and, above all, relaxing vacation without any worries. Germany is one of the "Medium-Risk Countries" for Barbados, which is why travelers have to take another corona test four to five days after entering the country. Details on this will be communicated upon entry. If this turns out negative, the dream vacation in the Caribbean stands nothing more in the way! In addition, the temperature must be measured daily for seven days and forwarded to the responsible authority via text message or phone call. The island delights with its breathtaking sandy beaches, luxurious resorts and impressive nature . Whether relaxing on the beach, hiking in the Scotland District or diving to shipwrecks and with turtles - there is something here for sports enthusiasts and hammock heroes. 

5. Southern Styria - hiking and enjoying wine

Social distancing is guaranteed in the fresh air! Whether on foot or by bike - travelers can enjoy nature to the full in southern Styria. The region offers diverse hiking routes that promise fantastic views and untouched landscapes between forests and vineyards. The free hiking app from SummitLynx is also a great way to create a digital tour book. Holidaymakers can best rest in one of the many wineries and wine taverns. The Remschnigg Alm is highly recommended - it is located south of Arnfels, right on the border with Slovenia. 

6. Obersauer (Luxembourg) - Relaxation at the reservoir

Luxembourg supports and operates projects that ensure the sustainable development of the nature park. Almost 700 kilometers of hiking trails, some of which are themed, stretch in the Upper Sour in Luxembourg. Different aspects of the nature, culture and history of the area can be explored here. The reservoir, in particular, invites you to do sports on the water: it doesn't matter whether you are swimming, boating, fishing or diving - fun is guaranteed for the whole family here! The slopes are steep and wooded and in many places reach directly to the shore, they create a natural, untouched landscape that invites you to relax - an ideal destination for the summer vacation 2021.

7. High Tatras - the oldest national park in Slovakia

The High Tatras is one of the most beautiful nature destinations in Slovakia . Thanks to its overwhelming landscape, it became the symbol of the country. Mountain peaks, beautiful high mountain lakes, cable cars and much more - the High Tatras are just the thing for nature lovers and perfect for enjoying the world from a distance. The Tatra National Park is not only the most famous national park in Slovakia, but also the oldest and, together with the Polish Tatra National Park, has been a UNESCO biosphere reserve since 1992. Whether for hiking in summer or skiing in winter, this region offers a wide variety of outdoor activities and is best explored by rental car, which can be rented cheaply here. Not to be missed are the Vodopády Studeného Potoka waterfalls and the Strbské Pleso and Popradské Pleso mountain lakes .

8. Brandenburg - Maritime feeling near Berlin

This year's summer meant that the Baltic Sea beaches and the Mecklenburg Lake District were pretty crowded. But there is an almost neglected alternative that also has a lot of water to offer: Brandenburg has over 3,000 lakes, some of which are connected and can be easily explored by houseboat. In addition, there is the Spreewald in the south, which contains an exciting water maze that can be discovered comfortably in a traditional boat or in a sporty kayak. Especially Werder, the blossoming city in Brandenburg, offers a maritime feeling and that very close to Berlin. The state-approved resort is mainly known for the beautiful old town island, the tree blossom festival and water tourism. A beautiful piece of earth to come down and enjoy life.

9. Archipelago - so far only popular in Sweden

The archipelago is an archipelago with 30,000 islands. It is very diverse: next to the hip bar and restaurant islands there are quiet islands with Swedish family houses to completely undeveloped and remote rocky islands. Guests who rent Swedish holiday homes with a sauna right by the water receive a special experience. Some of these are even on their own islands that holidaymakers have completely to themselves. In addition, houseboats are also ideal for a vacation . The archipelago is a total water sports paradise, they invite you to go sailing, canoeing and kayaking and reward sporty tourists with breathtaking views. A relaxing holiday in the archipelago can be made with combine a city trip to Stockholm.

10. Skagen - the Danish idyll

The resort of Skagen is known for its unmistakable light and its hyggelige atmosphere. The endless sandy beaches and the special light conditions have always attracted painters, artists and other visitors because it is the place with the greatest amount of sunshine in Denmark. The Skagerrak and Kattegat marine areas meet at Grenen Beach. The sea ​​and the beaches share the landscape and invite you to swim in summer, although the beaches of Skagen are not as overcrowded as those on the German sea and are still beautiful, as well as to dreamy beach walks in other seasons. The city has a unique charm with yellow painted houses, red tile roofs and white painted bars on the windows. Especially in Skagen, the far north of Denmark , a private holiday apartment is worthwhile for a romantic holiday far away from the hustle and bustle.