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Vacation on Bora Bora: A trip to the South Seas paradise

Sure, a vacation on the beautiful island of Bora Bora , which is part of French Polynesia , isn't exactly cheap. That's why many spe...

Sure, a vacation on the beautiful island of Bora Bora , which is part of French Polynesia , isn't exactly cheap. That's why many spend their honeymoon there , after all, you can  afford such a luxury trip there ... But why wait? Why not experience absolute paradise now? If you are a bit flexible, have time for a vacation in such a distant island paradise and have a little money on the edge, then you can already afford a vacation on Bora Bora. So here you can find out what else you can admire on Bora Bora in addition to deep blue lagoons, steep mountain slopes and white sandy beaches full of palm trees .

Arrival to Bora Bora

You probably realize that Bora Bora is not just around the corner. You should therefore calculate around 36 hours for the journey. Many tour operators and airlines offer flights to French Polynesia , but Bora Bora only has a small airport for national flights. Therefore, you first have to fly to Papeete- Tahiti Airport , from where the national airline goes to the airport on Bora Bora and then from there by boat to your hotel. You have to calculate another one to three hours for the boat trip .

Our pirate tip: Try to book a flight that will take you to Bora Bora during the day, because you will have a really spectacular view of the island.

Entry to Bora Bora

As a German citizen you do not need a visa to enter Bora Bora , provided that you do not stay longer than three months. However, you need a machine-readable passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry. There is one special feature on Bora Bora, however, because you have to pay a residence tax per person and day for your stay here . This can be paid on site on the Pacific island with all major credit cards. The tax is € 1.30 per day. In addition, you should absolutely observe the customs regulations when entering the country in order to avoid fines for imported goods.

Best time to visit Bora Bora

For Bora Bora we recommend the months between June and September , as it is cooler and drier at this time. Even in April, May or October you can go on vacation to Bora Bora. From November to March we advise against a vacation on Bora Bora, as it is extremely warm and humid at this time ... tropical . ;)

What must I have done on Bora Bora?

  1. Swim at Matira Beach (most beautiful beach in all of French Polynesia)
  2. Climb the 727-meter-high former volcano Mont Otemanu
  3. Hike the Mont Pahia in Bora Bora
  4. Visit Amanahune Beach (there are also fascinating dance shows)
  5. Dive in the ray road and the coral reefs in the White Valley
  6. Go paddling in a Polynesian pirogue
  7. Visit the Bora Bora Lagoonarium (largest and most beautiful marine museum in the South Pacific)
  8. Explore the Marae Marotetini , Aehautai & Taharuu (ancient Polynesian worship sites)
  9. Explore the largest motu bora boras - Toopuaie and the Bell of Hiro

How to get to Bora Bora cheaply?

So, first of all you have to say that "cheap" is relative. A Bora Bora vacation won't be cheap even with the best deals, you should be aware of that. If you really want to travel cheaply, you should book a city ​​trip to a nearby city or something similar. However, we can reassure you that a trip to Bora Bora doesn't have to be a luxury vacation at unimaginable prices. You can also travel to Bora Bora relatively (!) Cheaply, but you should:

To be flexible

Being flexible, spontaneous and uncomplicated is probably the most important thing in a low-budget holiday because you can only get to Bora Bora cheaply if you are flexible in terms of travel time and duration and spontaneously book a good flight offer . And only if you sleep easily in a dormitory instead of an overwater bungalow and cook yourself and don't always eat in fancy restaurants, you can have a  cheap holiday on Bora Bora .

Have enough change

Despite the flexibility and the like, you don't come to Bora Bora for an apple and an egg. You can certainly save a lot on the accommodation on site, but the flights are still comparatively expensive: Flights to the South Seas cost around 500 euros or more, but as I said, if you are flexible in terms of travel time and duration and spontaneously book a flight if it is currently on sale (maybe you will even find an error fare ?!), then you can make your dream of a Bora Bora vacation come true.

have time

Sounds relatively plausible, but it is underestimated by many because Bora Bora is not even around the corner: you have to plan at least 36 hours for the outward journey from Frankfurt alone. In addition, there is the outward journey to Frankfurt, baggage drop-off, check-in & Co. Since you have to make intermediate stops , we recommend that you use them to get to know other beautiful corners of the world on the way to Bora Bora : You can, for example, via Asia Fly to Australia  and New Zealand (you can make several life dreams come true on one trip) or America in LA or Hawaiimake insecure. Whatever you decide, we can only recommend you pay a few euros more and discover other countries for it. But that all costs time and if you make the effort and start the long way to Bora Bora (not to mention all the money), then you should have enough time on site!

How long should you vacation in Bora Bora?

So that you can get the most out of your Bora Bora vacation and also discover other beautiful corners of the world on your outward and return journey, we recommend  at least 3 weeks or, better still, 4 weeks for your Bora Bora vacation . So you have enough time for stops, you can discover the beautiful surrounding islands and, of course, explore the beautiful island of Bora Bora and relax on its dream beaches.

Tips and tricks for your cheap Bora Bora vacation

You don't have to book the great overwater bungalows to go on holiday in Bora Bora, because there are also much cheaper types of accommodation such as dorms in hostels, camping spots, couch surfing opportunities or private accommodation

If you don't want to do without a luxury vacation completely, you can visit public bars at some resorts and enjoy a drink or two. You have even more luxury with hotels like the InterContinental, which also offers “ day passes ” with which you can feel like real guests and let yourself be pampered

When food save we do not like, but the prices on Bora Bora have it in them, as many of the food must be imported. We, therefore, recommend that you mainly buy local food (such as fruit and fish) and cook yourself

The cheapest means of transportation to Bora Bora you have already: your feet! With that you can get around the beautiful island and experience a lot. Otherwise, the bike is also a cheap option with which you can travel a little faster. You should definitely try out kayaking and admire Bora Bora and its overwater bungalows from the sea.